Adopting new ways of working throughout 2020/21 has really challenged the KAM mindset. Embracing the technological and digital tools at our disposal has helped to maintain key customer relationships and allowed collaboration with a wider stakeholder group than pre-COVID, widening the scope of what KAM can achieve.
The PharmaTimes day was an enjoyable experience which tested the KAMs to the max with challenging business analysis and demanding that you were at the top of your game in virtual customer engagement.
To be recognised by your peers and industry for the work you do everyday is always the greatest achievement and to be named winner of the KAM category in such challenging and new working environment was a very proud moment.

Richard Harris

Servier Laboratories Ltd, 2020 Key Account Manager winner

It means a lot to me to win the pharma, it was really nice even to be nominated to compete!

Finals day was a tricky experience as the process was difficult, but I really, really enjoyed it. It really motivated me to think outside the square, and to push myself that little bit further. I would definitely recommend the competition to other people – I already have!

Anna Munroe

Star, 2019 Primary Care Sales Professional of the Year winner

I found the process to be very well organised, relaxed and good fun. I have done other pharmaceutical award assessment days and enjoyed this so much more.

The day involved a quiz and a business case presentation given to me on the day. This was a really useful exercise and was also very realistic which made the process much more straightforward and enjoyable to tackle.

The judges were experienced and asked some great questions whilst being engaged in the process.

I have since seen my final score and to see the comments from customers really is inspiring. To understand from their perspective what I do within my role and how it effects them is also very humbling.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to challenge themselves and demonstrate their own skills against the best from within the industry. It’s fun and a very worthwhile learning experience!

James McDonald

Kyowa Kirin, 2019 Orphan/Rare Disease Sales Professional of the Year finalist

Being a Pharmatimes finalist was a great experience for me as the finals day was energetic, fast paced and more importantly fun! The great thing about being part of the assessment process was that I had to step out of my comfort zone and apply my industry knowledge and experience to a situation which was very true to life.

The assessment centre tested my communication, presentation, and creative skills and it also affirmed me to trust my instinct, as part of the challenge was to make strategic decisions quickly and to act upon them. It was also a great opportunity to get constructive feedback from experienced and senior industry leaders.

To win in my category was a total surprise and an incredible honour as I was up against some excellent candidates. I would definitely recommend applying for this competition to anyone in the industry. It’s a chance to measure yourself against your peers, but more importantly showcase your passion and give yourself the chance to shine.

Meena Morjaria

Kyowa Kirin, Secondary Care Sales Professional of the Year winner

The Pharmatimes Sales Award was a great experience for me. It was great to get recognition from the wider industry, as this isn’t something which is traditionally common in Pharma. As a relatively young person in an industry dominated by experienced heads having this feather to my cap when it comes to developments discussions has been of great use. An overall great experience that I would encourage others to go for.

Patrick Chapman

Pfizer, 2018 winner of the Orphan & Rare Disease Sales Professional category

I had never originally planned to enter Sales as a career, however by taking part in the PharmaTimes process I feel that I have had my life choices validated. Firstly, in being recognised and nominated by my employers (Flynn Pharma & Star Medical) and then by my customers through their feedback. Finally, the experienced industry judges awarding me the ‘Highly Commended Award’ really emphasised that the work over the years has been meaningful and worthwhile. I would really recommend this process to others involved in Medical Sales as you can receive feedback on all aspects of the role, from business planning to what your customers think about you.

Jonathan Bawden

Flynn Pharma, 2018 Highly Commended in the Key Account Manager category

I found it to be an excellent opportunity to bench mark myself against not only my colleagues but also those from other companies and other sectors within pharma – the feedback given was really constructive and I’ve taken the learnings forward into my every day interactions with customers.

In addition the reward is a widely recognised industry accolade and provided an opportunity to not only profile my company Sanofi but also myself amongst customers. It was really heartening to get a number of unprompted messages of congratulations from the customers I look after. I would absolutely recommend seizing the opportunity.

Paul Dickson

Sanofi, 2018 Winner of the Secondary Care Sales Professional

PharmaTimes has provided a fantastic platform where I was able to demonstrate skills obtained over my career. I would highly recommend pharmaceutical representatives in the industry to take part in these sort of competitions, as it is an opportunity to put your skills to the test, obtain further knowledge from like-minded individuals, share best practice and more importantly, celebrate success. Being a part of the PharmaTimes awards process has benefitted my profile within the industry, especially due to how well recognised the competition is within the industry.

With this in mind, I was delighted to have received the Pharma Times Primary Care Sales Professional of the year award, and would love to participate again in future.

Gurpal Marway

Daiichi Sankyo, 2018 winner of the Primary Care Sales Professional category

The competition itself, is so extremely well organised and run. Don’t think.. just enter! It’s always good to try something different, and it’s a great experience. To meet some amazing other reps, outside of your therapy area and to share experiences, to then finish the whole experience at the celebration dinner is such a fantastic night to celebrate the industry.

This process has benefitted me it that it has given me confidence in that what I do. Can’t wait to get my feedback so that I can learn on how I can improve to help benefit my HCP’s and consequently patients to lead better lives.

Other people should definitely take part… yes no one likes to be pushed out of their comfort zones unnecessarily but by doing so, we as an industry will continue to grow and improve by continually raising the bar.

Iris Nelson

Sanofi, 2018 finalist for the Secondary Care Sales Professional

In terms of the PharmaTimes awards, I thought it was a fantastic experience. I feel honoured to have been nominated to take part in what is considered my many to be the most prestigious and rigorous of the industry awards.

The assessment day itself was very challenging but highly rewarding at the same time. The day was well organised and a great networking opportunity too. The awards evening itself was brilliant fun and it was lovely to be recognised amongst the industry that we work in.

I feel that I have benefitted from entering the competition by refocusing how I use my skills to drive my business. I also picked up new skills from the assessment process which have helped to increase my skill set for the future.

I would definitely recommend entering the competition and look forward to participating again.

Nilantha Senadhira

Daiichi Sankyo, 2018 highly commended for the Primary Care Sales Professional category